Frozen 2 Official Trailer


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  • Teaghan TV 875
    Teaghan TV 875  2 minutes back

    Her hair and make up is perfectly fine after was under water

    • Kingeresident
      Kingeresident  6 minutes back


      • Grace Williams
        Grace Williams  8 minutes back

        why are the standing stones from Brave in this story??

        • sheyla pricila
          sheyla pricila  8 minutes back

          No vro

          • sai shriya
            sai shriya  9 minutes back

            Loving their new outfits

            • 아랍국가황토
              아랍국가황토  13 minutes back

              I am looking forward to the second episode because I enjoyed the first episode of Frozen.

              • mkmz mk
                mkmz mk  16 minutes back

                Did u ever ask yourself did elsa get her powers

                • one kno
                  one kno  22 minutes back

                  elsa vs anna
                  elsa like
                  anna comment

                  • 1x. Zay
                    1x. Zay  25 minutes back

                    I was in 2nd grade when the first frozen came out, now I’m going into 8th grade for the 2nd frozen....time flies 😭

                    • beastkiller
                      beastkiller  28 minutes back

                      Let this shit go!

                      • afsana akter
                        afsana akter  29 minutes back

                        95% of the comments:

                        1st person:...................
                        2nd person:....................

                        Me:Why this type of brilliant comments never come into my head!

                        • intan nabilah
                          intan nabilah  32 minutes back

                          can’t waitt!!

                          • hsiis ayden
                            hsiis ayden  34 minutes back

                            Well its official

                            • the one
                              the one  41 minutes back

                     I have to pretend to others that I didn't watch this because it's for kids but secretly watch it a hundred times over and over again

                              • Billie Subliminals
                                Billie Subliminals  43 minutes back

                                I’m 15 but I wish I can still watch Disney anyone else??

                                • Your Dalagang Pilipina
                                  Your Dalagang Pilipina  46 minutes back

                                  Hope I could watch this like rn

                                  • Jan Gabrielle Reyes
                                    Jan Gabrielle Reyes  57 minutes back

                                    Frozen is the greatest Disney animated movie since Lion King. You're wrong if you disagree.

                                    • LuM
                                      LuM  1 hours back

                                      She must learn from Katara 😁😁

                                      • Heavenly Haneul
                                        Heavenly Haneul  1 hours back

                                        Where's her girlfriend?

                                        • StaticPlays
                                          StaticPlays  1 hours back

                                          Disney: Frozen 2

                                          Me:A shit here we go again

                                          • road work ahead
                                            road work ahead  1 hours back

                                            I think 2019 been a year of movies

                                            • Ch!ku Ch!
                                              Ch!ku Ch!  1 hours back

                                              yayayayyaayyayay BEKU 2

                                              • Elif Ravza Dolu
                                                Elif Ravza Dolu  1 hours back

                                                omg! ı am very happy for this movie

                                                • Ros Melati
                                                  Ros Melati  1 hours back

                                                  I can't wait, there's frozen fast :D

                                                  • Unicorn Angel
                                                    Unicorn Angel  1 hours back

                                                    What of they included Jack Frost 😂

                                                    • Ansella Pelangi
                                                      Ansella Pelangi  1 hours back

                                                      so excited for this! ❤️

                                                      • Hania Rocha
                                                        Hania Rocha  1 hours back

                                                        And i oop-

                                                        • MIKA MIKA
                                                          MIKA MIKA  1 hours back


                                                          • Cyril Gacis
                                                            Cyril Gacis  1 hours back

                                                            Gold stone in the Philippines? For real? Check this out

                                                            • Patricia Wauda
                                                              Patricia Wauda  1 hours back

                                                              MUM: i am frozen.
                                                              DAUGHTER: I am frozen 2

                                                              • bla bla bla Ajaa
                                                                bla bla bla Ajaa  1 hours back

                                                                Did disney bought Shrek 5?

                                                                • airon laus
                                                                  airon laus  1 hours back

                                                                  Why do I feel like the stones in the fog is connected to the movie Brave.

                                                                  • Ranjit Sharma
                                                                    Ranjit Sharma  1 hours back

                                                                    Which one is better
                                                                    Frozen 1= like💟
                                                                    Frozen 2=comment💖

                                                                    • Dani Diy
                                                                      Dani Diy  2 hours back

                                                                      My best freind told me 4 years ago there was going to be a frozen 2
                                                                      4 years later.....

                                                                      The trailer is coming out...

                                                                      Seriously ?

                                                                      But it looks cool..

                                                                      • nami.franc xx
                                                                        nami.franc xx  2 hours back

                                                                        i can hear aurora in the bg omg

                                                                        • Lil Wizzie
                                                                          Lil Wizzie  2 hours back

                                                                          After a hundred million years....

                                                                          Elsa finally did a ponytail

                                                                          • Galaxy Gacha
                                                                            Galaxy Gacha  2 hours back

                                                                            Anna: I won't let anything happen to her

                                                                            Me: Oh HeLl NaH

                                                                            • Smokey 0317
                                                                              Smokey 0317  2 hours back

                                                                              U know pls make new movie cartoon or make part 3 soon😁

                                                                              • Anna Delgado
                                                                                Anna Delgado  2 hours back

                                                                                IM excited to see the movie❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                • Clima
                                                                                  Clima  2 hours back

                                                                                  What if it's like elemental spirits that live in the north and elsa has the ice one... It would explain the fire moving around like how elsa's ice work..

                                                                                  • RG3Gamings Series
                                                                                    RG3Gamings Series  2 hours back

                                                                                    There More Secret Are From Disney Animation Video I Found 😑😑😑

                                                                                    • Ez 4
                                                                                      Ez 4  2 hours back

                                                                                      The last scene is TITAN? So Eren comming to beat Elsa

                                                                                      • Blue Sanada Senpai
                                                                                        Blue Sanada Senpai  2 hours back

                                                                                        Wait! Elsa has new water powers?!?!

                                                                                        • Its Nightmare
                                                                                          Its Nightmare  2 hours back

                                                                                          WHY DOES IT HAVE TO COME OUT WHEN I WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE IT WHY!

                                                                                          I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL IT COMES OUT

                                                                                          • Traci_Angels
                                                                                            Traci_Angels  2 hours back

                                                                                            at the end of the trailer that rock monsters shouts just like marshmallow did at the end of the first frozen trailer xD

                                                                                            • Potato Girl
                                                                                              Potato Girl  2 hours back

                                                                                              Anybody else shaky-excited now or what

                                                                                              • ROSSIE YT
                                                                                                ROSSIE YT  2 hours back

                                                                                                NOVEMBER 2019?! NO I CANT