Investigators probing deadly helicopter crash into NYC skyscraper

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • CBS News is learning more about the pilot whose deadly helicopter crash onto the roof of a New York City skyscraper briefly stirred fears of a 9/11-style attack. Tim McCormack was the only person on board the private helicopter Monday, and he was killed when the chopper slammed down on a high-rise near Trump Tower and Times Square then burst into flames. Jericka Duncan reports.

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Comments • 38

  • Talia Kay
    Talia Kay  1 months back

    1:29 the address says 1 27 1 which equals 1 (9) 1 or 911. not a coincidence and this guy is an actor.

    • richey red
      richey red  1 months back

      Obviously fake.

      • nurul soheil
        nurul soheil  1 months back

        Without so called media we are more safe !!!!🤔

        • nurul soheil
          nurul soheil  1 months back

          Without so called media we are more safe !!!!🤔

          • Rodrigo Gonzalez
            Rodrigo Gonzalez  1 months back

            There was no helicopter pad on the roof that he crashed into... And trump tower was on His direct flight path about one block away... There is no YouTube solutions for an investigation including the words trump, tower, helicopter ... Makes you wonder what people are trying to hide?

            • K K K OK
              K K K OK  1 months back

              A hero for being a FIREMAN not being a PILOT.He is not a kamikaze pilot ..his toy just got broken while playing

              • K K K OK
                K K K OK  1 months back

                @00 7 yea maybe..for being man selling cars to feed his family

              • 00 7
                00 7  1 months back

                Im a hero for being a car salesman

            • Elieza Jane
              Elieza Jane  1 months back

              🔴 In my eyes he died a hero. 🔴 He saved a lot of lives.

              • Lord Vader
                Lord Vader  1 months back

                Id like to have a charred piece of bone for a key chain.

                • Joshua Allen
                  Joshua Allen  1 months back

                  It was another white supremacist attack. Legislation needs to be passed to keep us safe.

                • zoom andaboom
                  zoom andaboom  1 months back

                  I hope they tested him for viruses.

                  • Sandie Brecken
                    Sandie Brecken  1 months back

                    God please be with his family

                    • 00 7
                      00 7  1 months back

                      In name of Lord Shiva

                  • George Washington Bush
                    George Washington Bush  1 months back

                    He might have had problems with healthyness !

                    • George Washington Bush
                      George Washington Bush  1 months back

                      The building shake ?? Not by a heli !

                      • Just Peachy
                        Just Peachy  1 months back

                        Right? Those people are full of it.

                    • George Washington Bush
                      George Washington Bush  1 months back

                      Lucky that the heli did not crash down !

                      • Arthur Flores
                        Arthur Flores  1 months back

                        this should be the result of the plane hitting the World Trade Center it didn't do nothing to the building if the helicopter did not knock down the building why should I plane do that

                        • DrPengin
                          DrPengin  1 months back

                          So a JET plane flying at full speed, like a missile, is comparable to an erratic helicopter, that happens to crash.

                        • jamesbachreeves
                          jamesbachreeves  1 months back

                          Your stupidity surpasseth all understanding.

                      • Scott Hollingsworth
                        Scott Hollingsworth  1 months back

                        Bill DeBlasio is obviously not a helicopter pilot. Yes, this didn't appear to be an engine failure. It appeared to me like hydraulics failure. Let's hail the pilot as a hero which he is (no one else was even injured!). If other facts emerge, then you can be like Bill and accuse. But you'll accuse based on facts!

                        • Arnold Stollar
                          Arnold Stollar  1 months back

                          A sign from Gd.

                        • Mountain Meadow Mormonism

                          The 911 terrorism was an inside job with a helpful compliant MEDIA SYSTEM.

                        • htijid rinma
                          htijid rinma  1 months back

                          Makalungkot naman

                          • Avi Rojas
                            Avi Rojas  1 months back

                            htijid rinma wjmddkdo ma rot do ke €€£₩¥¥?

                        • Wolfy Jr
                          Wolfy Jr  1 months back


                          • Wolfy Jr
                            Wolfy Jr  4 weeks back

                            The pilot died

                          • Avi Rojas
                            Avi Rojas  1 months back

                            Lucas monster Jam stop Motion why u said rip if no one died

                        • JCBs Sailing Into the Sunset

                          Give the 911 fear inducing a rest why dont yall!!! We know our own govt participated and yall helped hide the truth by pushing an "anti-conspiracy" spin

                          • DrPengin
                            DrPengin  1 months back

                            @Will H what is the point of this. Why do truthers always say "Building 7" like it means anything. Yeah, it caught fire and collapse, and...

                          • gmcjetpilot
                            gmcjetpilot  1 months back

                            @Will H NIST Report Anyone?
                            Believe any fanciful thoughts you want, but you are projecting ignorance. Building #7 was badly damaged on its North side by debris from collapse of WTC buildings, which were impacted by wide-body jet aircraft fully loaded with fuel for transcontinental flight, intentionally flown by Muslim terrorist hijackers. Water supplies for sprinklers were partly cut off due to the WTC collapse. Building #7 was subject to intense fire for SEVEN hours! Read the 9/11 NIST report. The consperiousy theories ALL have been debunked. Facts anyone? Proof of an inside job? Proof of controlled demolition explosives? None. You consperiousy idiots are F'ing jokes.

                            Read the report you lazy morons.

                          • Will H
                            Will H  1 months back

                            @gmcjetpilot building 7 anyone?

                          • jamesbachreeves
                            jamesbachreeves  1 months back

                            I second the FU. Anti-American idiots like you make me puke.